postcard from the future
postcard from the future

Where did we lose our heart?

Some of us come from open source. Others come from economic research. Others still come to rebuild the Internet on public protocols instead of private fiefdoms. We all converged on Ethereum to create better incentives, fund public goods, foster coordination, and some day, to slay MolochπŸ‘Ή, the god of coordination failure.

Instead, out came pouring a torrent of sparkling coins and jpegs, unfettered markets, and eye-watering levels of leverage. It was all exciting and new, but it's hard not to feel like something was lost along the way.

We've pushed the technology to new frontiers, but lost our heart along the way. We started Agora because we're convinced that Ethereum can be much more expansive and people-centric.

It's time to build (the commons)

So what are we doing about it? In short, we make the best end-to-end governance platform for crypto protocols – the first instance of at scale onchain collaboration. Leading communities like Optimism, ENS, Uniswap, and Nouns rely on Agora to coordinate their community around critical protocol upgrades, ecosystem funding, and more.

Why? Because the invention of crypto token governance means that for the first time in history, we have well defined ways to improve protocols, and the in-network incentives to pay for these improvements. The combination of these properties create the pathway for a far larger range of technological progress to move from private enterprises to common protocols.

But just because it's possible doesn't mean it's going to happen. Administering the commons is one of the oldest unsolved problems we know of. Except this time, Ethereum has given us programmable incentives, and so we tackle these old problems with new tools to expand the frontiers of the commons.

We've got quite a lot started already, but there's much more to the story here, and we'd be honored if you'd join us in telling it.

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We're a small team of generalist builders: designers who code, engineers who sell. We have high trust and expectations of each other, and offer everyone significant chunks of both product and company ownership.